3Jo1v11 – Who do you follow?

Social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, YouTube etc., allow users to follow people’s content they enjoy. For content creators, follower count is an important indicator of social capital – their ability to influence. As such, people with lots of followers are called “influencers”. People follow influencers either because others do or because they, too, like… Continue reading 3Jo1v11 – Who do you follow?

Rut 1:16 – Where you go

“Follow me. I will show you”, the boy says to us. We are on the Mount of Olives looking for the Church of the Ascension. He leads us through an increasingly dodgy maze of roads. When we express our concern, he replies, “No. just follow me.” It’s then that we hear him whistle, and answering… Continue reading Rut 1:16 – Where you go