Psa 19:8 – Life maps

The pursuit of happiness is a strange thing. It seems the more we pursue it, the less we are able to catch it. Yet, maybe that is because happiness is just luck after all. In fact, the word “happiness” comes from the root word “hap” from where we get words like haphazard and happenstance. It literally means fortunate or luck. That’s because happiness is dependent on many things outside our control. God doesn’t offer us happiness, He offers us joy – an internal state that remains regardless of our circumstances. And not only does He offer us His joy, but he also shows us how to find it. “The life-maps of GOD are right, showing the way to joy. The directions of GOD are plain and easy on the eyes.” (Psalms 19:8). God has a map for you to find real joy, regardless of your situation. Open His Word and let him guide you to find joy, and you will discover a whole lot more too.