For those wanting a taste of what God is offering

Start with GOD – the first step in learning is bowing down to GOD” (Proverbs 1:7), Any journey where we truly want to learn about something or someone requires us to be humble. Never is this attitude more important than when we seek to discover the eternal God, and the relationship He wants with us. Below are a starter selection of Bible messages to introduce you to God, his promises, and his incredible love for you.

Daily Bread

Encouraging messages for daily living  –  See More under Daily Bread

Was Abraham a Jew?

Does God Still Speak?

Do You Want More?



Short Lessons from nature and outdoors  –  See More under Picnic Basket

The Rope

Discover, in a message from the Materhorn in the Swiss Alps, the three strands in the rope that attach you to God

Useless Trees

From the Namibian desert we learn how useless trees teach us about God's love for us an our inadequacies.

Avoid the rocks

Life sometimes feels like a raging river. In this lesson from a canoe trip navigating rapids we learn what we should be looking at when fear is everywhere.

Treasure in the snow

I've done things that are unforgiveable. How can God love me? Learn God's lesson of forgiveness and discover treasure in the snow



Life-changing Lessons of comfort from God’s Word  –  See More under Comfort Food

Big Questions

Big Questions – Explore some of the soul-searching questions we need God’s answers to  –  See More under Soul Food

Does God have a Master Plan?

Life seems to be random and going nowhere, but does God have a plan for us and planet earth?

What is God's Master Plan?

What is God's grand plan for me?

be random and going nowhere, but does God have a plan for us and planet earth?​

What are the promises?

The Bible talks about some amazing promises, but what are they and how do they impact me?

How does Jesus fit into God's Master Plan?

Jesus is the centre of Christian life, what does his life have to do with everything?