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God’s Master Plan

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God's Master Plan - 1.1 - Does God Have a Master Plan?

This series of videos is based on the fundamental theme of God's Master Plan that is woven into every aspect of the Bible. In this session we begin by asking ...the most important question - Does God have a master plan?[+] Show More

God's Master Plan - 2.1 - Does God have a plan to guarantee his master plan?

God has a grand master plan, but He has more than this - he has a plan to ensure His Master Plan happens.

God's Master Plan - 3.1 - What is the origin of sin?

Sin is something that we all have to deal with, but where did it start? Who was "patient zero"? And what is the consequence of sin in our world?

God's Master Plan - 4.1 - Who can’t be part of God’s Master Plan?

Who can’t be part of God’s Master Plan? This is an important question to answer that has an exciting answer.

God's Master Plan - 5.1 - Who is the promised offspring?

God's master plan revolves around a special offspring. He is the key to unlocking the plan. We explore this exciting theme in this lesson.

God's Master Plan - 6.1 - Who is the Master Planner?

God, the creator of the universe is behind the Master Plan. In this session, we explore who He is as he reveals himself through the Bible.

God's Master Plan - 7.1 - What must I do to be saved?

This is an important question. But what is exciting is how simple the answer is.

God's Master Plan - 8.1 - Am I living a Kingdom Citizen life?

How do we tell if we are living the type of life that God expects of us? God provides a mirror that we can look into, and this provides us ...a clear answer to this important question.[+] Show More