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“Taste and see that the Lord is good” - Psalms 34:8

Bible Meditations

Below are a variety of Bible-based meditations to help guide you in daily living, through the joys and the challenges that we all face. “Video” will display the video, and “Interactive”, when available,  will display the video along with interactive content. For the Gospel Bites app and more interactive content, register here (no cost).

  • Known By Love – Jesus introduces a new command, which at first reading doesn’t seem new. However, when we look closer we discover that not only is it new, it is also the defining characteristic of the family of God. Visit www.knownbylove.co.za for more. (video)
  • Our Reward – What does God really promise us as our reward for following him? Or, maybe, should we ask this question in another way? (video)
  • Where are you? – The very first question God asks is “Where are You?” Our answer is very important. (video)
  • Tasteless– One of the unfortunate and common side-effects of the COVID-19 virus is a loss of taste. Is there something that God is trying to teach us? (video)
  • Courage in our storm – At some stage in life, we will face a storm – and often more than once. The hardest thing to do in these difficult times is to face the challenges that life brings our way. In this short lesson, we learn from a man who literally stepped into a storm. (video)
  • Fruit out of season – Jesus does something strange when he curses a fig tree for not having fruit. Not just because of this unusual “destructive:” miracle, but because of something even more astounding…and herein lies Jesus’ life-altering lesson. (video)
  • Happiness Hack #2: Mourn – This must be the craziest way to find happiness. However, in his divine wisdom, in Happiness Hack #2 Jesus says this is the way to true happiness. (videointeractive)
  • Crazy Gifts – We all love to receive gifts  – But when God gives gifts they are in another (divine) league. Let’s open three of the gifts God is offering and also find out how to receive them. (video)
  • The Agapanthus Story – The agapanthus flower is not only a beautiful flower, it tells a beautiful story – a story and a challenge to all of us. This story was inspired by a special man’s kindness and his final gift. (video)
  • Backpacks – Backpacks are so useful when hiking or travelling, however, they also can weigh us down. Jesus has a solution for the heavy backpacks we carry in life, sometimes not by our own choice. (video)
  • Standing Saviour – We have very real hope in the resurrection from the dead. In this meditation, we join Mary as she discovers a dead man standing again! Jesus is our Standing Saviour and he is the firstfruits of all who now are lying down waiting to stand again! (video)
  • Star Words – God has written an astounding message in the night sky – a deeply personal message. Look up and see it. (video)
  • Gregarious – As humans, we naturally want to be together. In this meditation, we consider why we want to be together and why it is important, as well as an exciting lesson from a piece of rope! (video)
  • Unmasked – Imagine if there was something else floating in the air behind the words that we hear – something divine that heals and restores. Prepare to breathe deeply, of God’s words. (video)
  • God’s Most Ignored Command by Christians– This is the mist ignored command by unbelievers and believers alike – and what God calls those who ignore it, is surprising! (videointeractive)
  • The shortest longest command – I want to share with you the shortest longest command. “Pray continually.” This is the shortest verse with the longest instruction. (videointeractive)
  • Eternal peace– Peace. What is peace? Tranquility, love, no war, Worldly peace is different to God’s peace Our worldly peace is temporary God’s peace is internal. (videointeractive)
  • For more check out the playlist on YouTube.

God's Classroom

All around us, God teaches us lessons from the things we see in our everyday lives. This series teaches classes from snow to flowers, sand dunes to rivers, as we listen to God in His classroom. “Video” will display the video, and “Interactive”, when available,  will display the video along with interactive content. For the Gospel Bites app and more interactive content, register here (no cost).

  • Introduction – A short introduction to God’s invitation to learn from the world around us (videointeractive)
  • Avoid the rocks – A river – a canoe – rocks – what should we focus on? (videointeractive)
  • Building on sand – It seems crazy to build on sand. It is shifting, unstable, and hard to build on. Yet do we build lives on sand? (videointeractive)
  • God-shaped stones – God is the one who shapes the stones in his temple – this has important implications for our lives and how we live them. (videointeractive)
  • Upon this rock – Peter makes a life-changing confession that all believers need to make. (videointeractive)
  • Treasure in the snow – Snow can be magical, especially when it falls in a country like South Africa, where snow is not the norm. However, besides the beauty, another amazing lesson is found in the snow. (videointeractive)
  • Camel and Needle – Jesus tells a crazy story about camels going through the eye of a needle. It seems impossible, but is it? Join me in this lesson from God’s classroom as some camels provide the backdrop to this lesson.  (videointeractive)
  • Written in Sand – Walking along the beach, a single word is found in the sand, but it has an infinite impact!  (videointeractive)
  • Useless Tress– A fantastic lesson from the desert as we look at why God chose good-for-nothing firewood trees to build something special (videointeractive)
  • The Earth Laughs In Flowers– An amazing lesson from the beautiful flowers of Namaqualand. We learn how God can plant his seeds of hope and promise into us even if our hearts are hard. Even if our life is hard, God will transform our lives tremendously. (videointeractive)
  • The source is an amazing lesson from Etosha, where we look at how elephants have the key to everlasting life. (videointeractive)
  • Chasing Chickens – In life, we all have chickens. Things we chase. However, we should be careful of what we chase. We might catch it. What should we be pursuing? (videointeractive)
  • The Rope – To have the unbreakable rope, we need God + Our Neighbor + Ourselves. We must be kind, generous, patient and humble. (videointeractive)
  • For more, check out the playlist on YouTube.
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