Num 14v21 – Don’t buy the dream

I have often laughed sardonically at the names places are given. A new housing estate is called Sunset Estate, yet it does not have a view of the sunset. Or it is called Nature’s Retreat but all the natural vegetation was destroyed to stuff in the maximum number of houses. Yet despite this, we buy the dream. Clever marketing causes us to believe and buy what is not real. Yet, while this might not be too serious, have we fallen for the ultimate marketing and bought mankind’s dream? A world where equality, peace, and justice for all will exist? A world where hope and prosperity flourish. Politicians have been selling this dream for millennia, and none have delivered. While a few have made an effort and truly do care, there is a flaw. Us – the very people the dream is designed for. Human sin separates us from God and the true promise we seek. This dream, this promise that we all seek, is only available through God. It’s only possible through a righteous king – Jesus, and a changed heart. “As truly, as I live, all the earth shall be filled with the glory of the LORD” (Numbers 14:21). Don’t buy the dream. Come to Jesus. Let him change you, and you will experience the reality. Open Bible –