Pro 20v27 – Breathing God

I have an exciting verse to share with you today from Proverbs 20:27: “The spirit of man is the lamp of God, searching all his innermost parts.” Some versions refer to “the breath of man.” This implies every breath you take is God’s light in your conscience, your moral compass. You can choose to brighten it by following His guidance or dim it by ignoring it. Remember, it never leaves you; He abides in you with each breath. God’s Word, symbolized as a lamp, offers direction and understanding. Psalm 119:105 highlights His word as a “lamp for our feet, a light on our path”. When feeling low, remember God knows our deepest thoughts and can uplift and inspire. To reflect God’s light effectively, welcome His scrutiny into your inner being. Pray for God to correct your faults and use your life as a lamp for His light. The question is: How will you use the breath you’re taking now? It is God’s lamp within you. Open Bible –, (Petru B)