Pro 15v19 – The lazy man

Proverbs 15:19 states, “The way of the lazy man is like a hedge of thorns, but the way of the upright is a highway.” This highlights an important concept: work was actually God’s idea. Notable figures like Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Lydia and even Jesus had jobs. All work requires mental and physical effort, which is why many of us tend to avoid it. This is called “being lazy”. Proverbs emphasizes the gravity of laziness, a serious sin. This is particularly true for Christians who may be lazy in reading God’s Word daily. Proverbs 15:19 reminds us that a life of laziness can be fraught with problems and misery, especially when it comes to neglecting God’s Word. In contrast, the way of the upright before the Lord is likened to travelling on a highway, free from the constant irritations and troubles that the lazy man must endure. So, which path will you choose? I believe I’m going to stick to the highway. Open Bible – (Ingrid J)