Pro 11v17 – Love always

One of the greatest gifts and lessons our Christian faith gives us is to always “love your neighbour.” What does this truly mean, though? Well, it doesn’t just mean to love those who are around you but also those you may never encounter again. Proverbs reinforces this mindset, stating, “The merciful man does himself good, But the cruel man does himself harm” (Proverbs 11:17). Now of course, I’m not trying to say all of us are cruel by not actively seeking others to love, however by being present and trying to incorporate this simple verse in our everyday lives we can reap the rewards this message promises. I’ll be the first to say I don’t always tip garage attendants, car guards who have been in the sun for hours, or the people who pack my groceries and in reality, as the verse says, this can only bring me harm as I’m not actively glorifying God and his abundant teachings. In this passage, Solomon is showing us that it is about finding the small, intimate moments of your day to be kind when you don’t need to be, which will provide the greatest nourishment to our souls and our faith. Open Bible – (Jean-Luc H)