Pro 3v26 – Attached to God

While skiing the other day, we saw a small kid skiing, attached to a harness, with the parent holding on tight. The rope was long enough for the kid to feel like he was flying down the slope, but he knew he would never lose control down the hill because his mom, quite literally, had his back. She was right there, ready to stop him if he ever lost control. This reminded me of our relationship with God. We have been given the freedom to make our own choices and to go our own way. But despite our freedom, God never leaves our side. He has his hands on our harness, ready to catch us if we stumble. So, when trouble comes and the slope ahead is steep, remember to lean on God. Trust in him, and you may stumble, but you won’t fall, for in Proverbs we read, “For the Lord will be at your side and will keep your foot from being snared.” (Proverbs 3:26). God sees us as his children and therefore looks out for us, just as the mother did for her own boy. Open Bible – (Kayla B)