Joh 1v1 – Capisci? Understand?

Is language essential for a true relationship? I contemplated this as we travelled through Italy for our honeymoon. We struggled to make connections with the people we met. This was exemplified in our relationship with our hotel shuttle driver. He told us he was from West Africa, so we shared a common African heritage. He was always full of smiles and positivity as he shuttled us to and from the ski slopes. However, the language barrier proved our biggest hurdle, with him speaking Italian and French while we could only speak English. Despite our best efforts using Google Translate, we could not share our stories and experiences or ask him about his life. And so we departed the resort, not truly knowing him. This made me think of the power of language, and more specifically, ‘logos’, Greek for ‘the word’ or ‘divine reason’. It was through the Word that creation was formed, and it is through the Word that we get to know God, for He is the Word. Can we truly develop a relationship with God if we don’t understand his language and his Word? Further, can we distinguish truth from lies without first understanding? “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” (John 1:1). Open Bible – (Jeremy G)