Mat 18v35 – The unforgiving prison

There was a King who wanted his debts to be settled. They brought him a man who owed him millions of dollars. The king demanded payment. The man begged for mercy, and the king forgave all his debts. This same man had a servant who owed him only 1000 dollars. He refused to forgive him and had him thrown in prison. When the king heard this, he asked the man, “Shouldn’t you have had mercy on your servant, just as I had mercy on you?’ The man was speechless, and the king had him thrown into prison until his debt was paid in full. (See Matthew 18:23-35). Aren’t we like this man? We want forgiveness from our Heavenly Father but refuse to forgive others. Our Heavenly Father knows that until we forgive, we put ourselves in our own self-inflicted prison. The adverse health effects of unforgiveness include stress, increased depression and anxiety, social isolation, and even compromised physical health. Today, think about anyone you have not yet forgiven and following God’s example, forgive them completely from your heart. Only then can you be set free and experience true peace of heart and mind. Open Bible – (Nicky B)