Psa 91v2 – Amazing Flying

I’m flying, and the pilot comes on and says we are travelling 10km high up in the sky at 1000 km/ h. Outside, the temperature is -30c. Yet here I sit writing this gospel bite, totally comfortable. It’s crazy. It’s only because I’m encased in this metal flying bird that this is possible. Outside the plane, I wouldn’t survive. Yet, isn’t this exactly what we need in our journey through life? All around us, the conditions are deadly – from the searing heat of war, crime, and corruption to the deadly speed of the spread of viruses and increasing natural disasters. The experts tell us we won’t last long. That’s true unless we can find a safe place. There is only one safe place – “This I declare about the LORD: He alone is my refuge, my place of safety; he is my God, and I trust him.” (Psalms 91:2). God is the only one who can keep us safe as we fly through life. If life seems scary and impossible to survive, come to God. “He will cover you with his feathers. He will shelter you with his wings. His faithful promises are your armour and protection.” (Psalms 91:4). Open Bible –,