Exo 14v14 – Time for God?

Stop reading this. Set a timer for 10 minutes. Sit in silence, and be still. Let go to God. Let go of your worries. Let go of your fears. Let go of your control. Ok, do it before you read on….

Let me guess; you either didn’t spend the 10 minutes with God, or you did so after much hesitation. It’s understandable. You have a lot of things to do. We are really good at having things to do, whether it’s working, socialising or just watching TV. We go from one activity to the next without a moment in between. While there is no problem with having things to do, the problem is when there are too many things to do. We quickly become overwhelmed, stressed, and feel helpless. It’s at these moments when being still seems more like an impossibility. In an ever-changing world, where chaos seems just around the corner, we do what we can to control everything we can. However, the more we try to control things, the less in control we feel. In Exodus 14:14, God says, “The LORD will fight for you; you need only to be still.” In the chaos and battles of our lives, God asks us to be still and give him control. Will you give God 10 minutes today? Open Bible – http://bit.ly/Exo14v14 (Joshua B)