Pro 17v17 – Do you value your friends?

We don’t realise how important community is until we need it. Your community comes in all shapes and sizes, from your immediate family to colleagues, to your town and your church. We underestimate these support structures until something tragic happens, like an illness or devastating flood, as many have experienced recently in the Western Cape. In times of hardship, doing things by ourselves can be extremely difficult, and that’s where, often without asking, the amazing people from our communities help us get back on track. However, why do we only strengthen these bonds during bad times? In Proverbs 17:17, we read, “A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for a time of adversity.” Whilst most of us, as brothers and sisters in Christ, tend to get the latter part of this verse right, it’s equally important to continuously do the first part. We should love our friends and community at all times. Whether it’s joining a Bible class, arranging a coffee, or having someone over for dinner, it’s vital to remind ourselves to strengthen the bonds with those we value at all times, as this is the fellowship our Heavenly Father wants for us. Open Bible – (Jean-Luc H)