Psa 116v15 – The fallen tree

Sometimes it’s storms, and sometimes it’s old age. But when a massive oak tree falls after standing so tall for so long, it leaves a gaping hole in the forest canopy. Yet the sad loss of this giant sentinel means light and nutrients for saplings just beginning to grow. When the giant oaks in our lives fall, they tear a gaping hole in the fabric of our lives. They have stood firm and reassuring “forever”. Yet when life’s storms finally cause them to fall, the hole they leave in our lives is huge. In our grief, we cannot see how such a giant of faith, of family, of example, can be no more. Yet, while we grieve we also know that their passing is celebrated not in what is gone but in what is given. A time for new light to shine into our lives as we look upward to the Son they grew towards. A time for new life to flood into our lives, and we draw strength from their example that sustains us. “Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of his faithful servants” (Psalms 116:15). While our giant oaks may fall, their gifts remain. Remembered by us, we will, day by day rise higher. Remembered by God, they will one day rise forever. Open Bible –,

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