1Co 11v1 – Imitate Me

We’ve found an empty spot away from the crowded viewpoint to watch the sunset. Before long, the first car pulls up. Although there are countless other viewpoints, they want to see what our view is like, purely because we are there. We stop in a game reserve to look at an animal, and again, before long, another car has stopped, trying to find what we are looking for. We love to imitate other humans, whether it’s because we want to see what they have found or just because it’s in our nature to follow others. However, this provides us with a very important opportunity. “I don’t just do what is best for me; I do what is best for others so that many may be saved. And you should imitate me, just as I imitate Christ.” (1 Corinthians 10:33 – 11:1). I’ve often wondered how best to introduce my friends to God. Maybe the best way is to imitate Jesus in everything you do, and because people love to imitate others without realising, they may want to see who you have found and start imitating Jesus too. Open Bible – http://bit.ly/1Co11v1, http://bit.ly/READMore_ (Sarah J).