2Sa 5v12 – Great for others

What are you great at? It could be sports, academics, business, communicating, organising, cooking – the list is endless. We all have talents that make us good at something. This may turn into our career, causing us to rise to the top of our profession, or it may be a skill we use in our everyday life. Whatever it is, the more important question is – Why are you great? Why do you have this skill? Why have you risen to a position of prominence? Because I am a hard worker. Because I take opportunities. Because I invest in myself. While these answers may be true, our answer should be David’s answer – “And David realised that the LORD had made him king over Israel and had made his kingdom very great for the sake of his people Israel.” (2 Samuel 5:12). Our skills, positions, talents – our greatness, is given to us for the sake of others. While we may work hard, it’s ultimately God who blesses us so we can bless others. Today, consider what God has given you, and think how you can use this for the sake of others. This is true greatness. Open Bible – http://bit.ly/2Sa5v12