Hab 2v20 – Awkward Silence

Have you ever experienced an awkward silence? I am sure you have. We all know the cringe experience, desperately trying to fill the void with small talk. It’s usually experienced with strangers or acquaintances. But when we know or love someone, there is no awkward silence. The silence is comforting, natural and more frequent. There is no need to fill the silence with small talk. The deeper our relationship with someone, the more silent moments there are and the more comfortable we feel. And so it should be with God. In Habakkuk 2:20, we read, “But the Lord is the holy Temple. Let all the Earth be silent before him.” The Hebrew word for “silent” is hasa, which means “hold peace and hold tongue”. We are called to be still before the Lord. We are called to have these intimate moments with him. If we have a deep relationship with God, we should feel comfortable just to be in his presence because that is when we can hear His voice, His still small voice – the gentle whisper of love. Open Bible – http://bit.ly/hab2v20 (Kayla B).

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