Pro 16:3 – Choosing your builder

When building a house, you need to find an architect to draw up your plans. However, while this is important, there is a big gap between plans and the reality of your home. Your perfect plans now need to be given to a builder who will hopefully translate the plans into reality. When it comes to our lives, we all have plans. We may spend a lot of time thinking about and designing our plans. However, the question that now arises is, who is your builder? Who have you handed responsibility to for bringing your plans to reality? Most often, we take charge of our own lives, and all too often, it seems our plans just don’t translate into reality. Instead, why not hand your plans over to God – the all-knowing designer and builder of our universe? “Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and he will establish your plans” (Proverbs 16:3). Who better to put in charge of your life’s plans than The master builder? His resume includes planet Earth and the rest of the universe. Make your plans, but let God be the one who directs your life, and he will build a life for you and those with you that is more fulfilling than you can think or imagine. Open Bible –