Psa 37v23 – Ordered steps

It was dark when we arrived at the restaurant on a wine farm. Using our phones as torches and following the sound of laughter and talking, we found the restaurant. On leaving, we headed back in the general direction of where we had parked. But soon, we were lost. We couldn’t find the parking area in the dark. Eventually, we spotted a torchlight coming toward us. It was our waiter. He led us step by step along paths and turns, back to our car, all the while sharing interesting information with us. We would never have found our way without his step-by-step guidance. Our lives can also feel dark, but thankfully Jesus has appeared to guide us. He doesn’t simply point in a general direction and leave us to find our way with our own skill and wisdom. Rather he leads us step by step, guiding us each hour and moment while sharing life-giving messages with us. “The steps of a good man are ordered by the LORD, And He delights in his way.” (Psalms 37:23). God’s Spirit living in us, will bring to mind at the right time the necessary principle or promise of God so that we don’t need to worry about what is ahead but simply take each step and turn as it is given to us, following our Lord wherever he leads us. This is his promise of daily guidance. Today, seek God every hour and every moment, and He will order your steps. Open Bible –