Luk 22v39 – As usual

Would you rather prepare a meal for 100 people for one day or for one person for 100 days? While the meal for so many at once is a challenge, most would choose that because it’s a big effort once rather than a long commitment. One-offs are a lot easier than long commitments. And this is true for most things in life – relationships, good deeds, exercise, etc. While we all like the idea of commitments, we live in a society not prepared to make the investment. However, at our core, we are defined by habits and routines – sunrise, sunset, seasons, sleeping, waking, eating – and the very metronome of life, breathing – a constant, regular rhythm. We all commit to something – whether it be work, hobbies, watching TV, reading social media, shopping, sports…our lives fill quickly. But do the habits we commit to make a difference? “Jesus went out as usual to the Mount of Olives, and his disciples followed him.” (Luke 22:39). Jesus had a prayer habit, among many others, like the daily habit of teaching and healing and loving. What is your “as usual”? Is it for you or for others? Is it for self or for God? It’s just a single meal, a single prayer, a single verse, a single message…every day and a rhythm of life is established that will change you and others forever. Commit to an “as usual” for God today. Open Bible –,

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