Pro 26v20 – The Self-Help Expert

A simple Google search of self-help books will come up with various options to improve your life for the right price. Thousands of years before Kindle and Amazon became digital libraries, there was a different best-selling book of its time, the book of Proverbs.  Back then, there was one influencer whose teachings brought wisdom to all, our Father, Almighty God.  Proverbs 26:20 states, “where there is no wood, the fire goes out; and where there is no talebearer, strife ceases.” In a world where we are encouraged by social media to be influenced by others’ teachings, it is important to remember that God is the only wood that should burn our personal fires. The second part of that verse urges us not to spread gossip as it will only influence others to do the same, thereby creating more ‘Strife’ in the world around us. The biggest lesson this book teaches us is that when someone comes to you for wisdom, point them towards the ultimate self-help expert, God. Open Bible – 

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