Pro 24v27 – Building your house

Recently we went through the process of trying to buy our first piece of land. A beautiful little spot nestled right below a mountain and overlooking the ocean. You would think finding your perfect spot would be a joyous occasion every step of the way; however, it is definitely a journey with lots of ups and downs. There are endless documents, phone calls, planning, and expenses, all before the land is even yours. There is a constant struggle between persistence and knowing when to give up and leave it to God. Yet it is this journey and learning to trust in God in our ups and downs that helps prepare us as we walk life’s path toward his Kingdom. Proverbs 24:27 shares this wisdom – “Prepare your work outside, and make it ready for yourself in the field; Afterward, then, build your house”. We see here that life isn’t about the immediate gratification we’ve become so accustomed to in a world filled with instant everything. We cannot harvest if no seeds were planted at the start. It requires work and perseverance to build your ‘house’, whether that house is your career, your favourite sport, a passion, or a skill. However, in all this, let God’s blueprint guide you – His wisdom-filled word, every step of the way. Open Bible –