Pro 22v4 – I’m in awe

After days of rain and misty mornings in the Berg, I awake to see the clouds have lifted their thick white curtain to finally reveal the mountains now painted in the rich sunlight of the early morning. A perfect day for a hike into the depths of the Drakensberg. A gruelling 6km hike and we reach the mini escarpment appropriately called the little Berg. It’s at this point that you enter the ‘real’ berg. It’s now that the true presence of the mountains confronts you. I feel small compared to the overpowering presence of the jagged peaks surrounding me. A strange fear engulfs me. Not a fear of the heights I’ve just ascended, nor a fear of a storm rumbling in the distant valley. Taking a breather, I’m left pondering the view and this feeling. I’m a tall man. I feel big amongst others, yet here I feel small. I feel humbled by the mountains. I think of the fear of God. It’s something I’ve struggled to understand, but now it is clear to me. As I look at the mountains towering above me, my fear is not being scared, but rather a fear of respect, and awe – of humility in the presence of God’s greatness. Seeing this, I understand what God meant when he said, “Humility is the fear of the LORD; its wages are riches and honor and life.” (Proverbs 22:4). After setting up camp, I sit and admire the mighty mountains as the sun dips and I watch a storm approaching. I fear it all, yet I stand firm in my spot. I’m not scared. I’m humbled. I’m not tall, I’m small. I’m in awe. Open Bible –