Pro 17v9 – Undeserved!

A wealthy friend builds a home for a married couple you both know who have nothing. He furnishes it and stocks it with everything they need. You go to visit them only to find it trashed – the house filthy and the garden destroyed. At your own cost, you clean and restore the home and never say a word to anyone about what they did. Most of us would not respond like this. We would rightly be angry and tell our wealthy friend about how ungrateful the couple were of his kindness. We would also tell our other friends about this and how shocking their behaviour was. Thankfully, God doesn’t do this with us. He gave us the most beautiful home – earth, stocked full of everything we need. He has given us life and love. And yet we have chosen to sin – to trash and destroy what he gave us. Yet, in his love, he sent Jesus who has cleaned up our mess, covered our sins, and is restoring God’s gift to perfection (Romans 4:7-8). If you are thankful for God’s undeserved love shown to you, will you do this for those you know who have done wrong? “He who covers a transgression seeks love, but he who repeats a matter separates friends.” (Proverbs 17:9).  Will you cover your friends’ wrongs or share them? The difference is called love, and Jesus showed us what that looks like. Open Bible –,