Pro 15v32 – You’re Wrong!

“You’re wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong.” These are not words most of us want to hear. In fact, most of us would be offended if we were spoken to like this. However, five times in Proverbs 15, we are told that it’s only a fool (15:5) or mockers (15:12) who won’t accept correction and that disregarding it will cause us to die (15:10) while accepting it will make us wise (15:31). At the end of the chapter Solomon concludes by saying that you are a self-hater if you don’t accept being wrong – “Those who disregard discipline despise themselves, but the one who heeds correction gains understanding” (Proverbs 15:32). These are very strong words, but never more needed than in our world where truth is believed to be relative or whatever you want it to be. Where wrong doesn’t exist, and correction is hurtful and not necessary. Yet, rather than saving us, ignoring correction – especially God’s correction, no matter how uncomfortable, is the ultimate form of self-harm. If we humbly accept God’s correction, then just like in everything else in life from riding a bicycle to learning to speak a language, through our mistakes we will gain understanding, and learn to be right, right, right, right, right with God. Open Bible –,,,,