Psa 119v10 – The labyrinth

We came across a labyrinth at a place we were staying and decided to walk it. Unlike a maze in which you get lost, a labyrinth is a single path you follow that ultimately leads you to the destination point. All the time you can see the destination and others who are walking, however, just when you think you are close to the end, the path winds back and away from the end. And so it seems to do over and again. Someone else walking the labyrinth may look like they are on the path right alongside you until suddenly, they are far away as the paths diverge. Yet regardless of this, all ultimately end up at the destination. Life is much like a labyrinth. However, we have a choice. We can wander a labyrinth that ultimately ends nowhere. Or, we can choose a labyrinth that leads to life. Let your choice be David’s choice. Let your prayer be David’s prayer – “I have tried hard to find you— don’t let me wander from your commands.” (Psalms 119:10). Choose God as your destination, and he will keep you on the path to life regardless if sometimes it feels you are going the wrong way. God will never let you wander away. 🌱 Open Bible –