Pro 11:25 – Secret to prosperity

“I can’t provide a meal for everyone I can’t afford it.” “I am not doing the washing, it’s not my turn.” “I’m too busy to attend the beach clean up.” How often are these the type of comments you make? Our excuses are so much a part of our daily conversation, we don’t even think about them. However, these excuses don’t make us happier or improve our situation in any way.  We think that when we are selfish with our time or money we will somehow have more. But we end up with less.  It’s because we have disregarded God’s divine words. “A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed.” (Proverbs 11:25). It’s the generous who prosper. Those who are generous with their time, money, energy, and life. But did you notice the order? It’s only when we are generous with everything we have, that we will be prosperous. Human thinking is that if I am selfish with my time, money, energy, and life that this will make me happier, but it leaves us feeling unappreciated and unhappy. We have the order wrong.  It’s when we refresh others, and not ourselves, that we are refreshed and left with that precious feeling of joy. Here’s your challenge for the week. Ask God to help you put His divine words into practice. Be generous with your limited time and money. Refresh and help others at every opportunity. And then look and see the impact it has on your life. It’s guaranteed! Open Bible –