1Th 3:12 – Overflowing love

Popcorn is just so crazy. You take a few tiny, hard, inedible seeds that would break your teeth if you ate them, put them in a pot, and they magically transform into a puffy, soft, delicious treat. What’s truly amazing is watching a few tiny seeds sprinkled at the bottom of the pot transform and grow and grow and fill the pot until it begins to overflow. It’s a striking visual image of this verse from 1 Thessalonians 3:12 – “May the Lord make your love for everyone grow and overflow.” We are tasked with taking whatever tiny seeds of love we have and growing them until it overflows to everyone. Yet, before we doubt we can do this, we see that just like it’s the oil and heat that transform popcorn, so too with us, it’s the Lord working through our life situations who will cause our love to grow and overflow. Sometimes it does feel like we are in the “hot pot” with our life’s trials. But know that in all these situations, our Lord is at work in us, making our love grow and overflow. And the result? Our tiny, hard seeds of love are divinely transformed into overflowing, soft, abundant love, bringing joy to everyone. Open Bible – https://bit.ly/1th3-12

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