Psa 34:10 – All good things

We all want a life filled with good things, but for many, sadly, the goodness of life eludes us. We chase everywhere for happiness but somehow we don’t seem to find real inner joy. What are we missing? The answer is found in Psalm 34:10 – “Those who seek the LORD lack no good thing.” The answer is found in God. The world has never been more intent on taking God out of school, university, government, and daily life. We live in a world where the majority of people worship the created – money, careers, fame, pleasure, social media, and sport – more than the Creator. And so we find our world plagued with the hugest levels ever of mental illness, suicide, and stress-induced sickness. The reality is, the more we do not seek a relationship with God the unhappier we become. In Psalms 34:10 we are told that those who seek the LORD “lack no good thing”. God made us. He knows what is good for us. Isn’t it time to reject society’s false promises of happiness and seek a close, loving relationship with our Heavenly Father? He desires to fill your life with everlasting love, Inner joy, and transcending peace. Now these truly are good things! Open Bible –