Psa 62:8 -The Prayer list

Do you find your daily prayers can often sound very formal and more like a “To Do” list? ”Thank you for this, help me with that, please heal this person.” Sometimes we repeat our same list so regularly we don’t even concentrate on what we are saying and can rattle it off by heart. Yet in Psalm 62 David encourages us to pour out our heart to God – “Trust in him at all times, you people; pour out your hearts to him, for God is our refuge.”(Psalms 62:8). To pour out your heart means to speak freely about your private and most deeply felt emotions and needs. This is the relationship and prayer life our Heavenly Father desires with us. For us to speak freely about our private and most deeply felt emotions. He also reassures us that not only can we trust him to listen and answer our prayers, but that he wants to be our place of refuge. Today instead of repeating your regular prayer list to our Heavenly Father, think about what’s really in your heart, what’s troubling you, or what you are thankful for, and pour out your heart to God. His door is open 24/7.

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