Isa 43:2 – Raging Rivers

Surging, foaming water rips me down. I flay wildly trying to find the surface, however in the grip of the powerful rapids it’s impossible to see anything. One of the crazier things I’ve experienced is whitewater river rafting down the Zambezi River. It’s fun, that is until the raft flips and you’re thrown into the raging rapids. Instantly you’re ripped below the surface into the mawl of seething water, tossed helplessly about. It’s a terrifying experience. And then you see a hand outstretched to you from the raft. And isn’t this how life often feels on our journey down life’s river. At times is tranquil, or fun, or exciting. But then unexpectedly we find ourselves thrown into the deep surging waters. Ripped by a river against which we can do nothing. And then God speaks to us, in our fear, in our anxiety – “When you go through deep waters, I will be with you. When you go through rivers of difficulty, you will not drown.” (Isaiah 43:2). There is no river greater than God. There is no danger, no foe, no fear greater than our God. Whatever river of difficulty you are in, our God will save you. Look up, seek His face, and reach for His hand. He has promised, “you will not drown”.

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